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The Mothership

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25th September 2006

7:59am: old Sketchbook
I scanned some pages from my old high school sketchbook. these are probably from when i was 16 or 17. Back then I had an aimless, instinctive visual approach, which I can appreciate now. It is interesting to me to see some elements in these that have evolved and become more focused.

12th September 2006

9:01pm: sketchbook

6th September 2006

7:51am: sketchbook

30th August 2006

9:55pm: new sketchbook
i started drawing again for the first time since high school. real ink and paper. i should have done this a long time ago, but you know sometimes its nice to discover good things when your older. here's some pages from my new sketchbook.

18th September 2005

8:12pm: Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer
The new Arcuturus album, Sideshow Symphonies, is released next week featuring Vortex on vocals. Arcturus' new album is amazing, building on where they left off but flying into new territory. If you didnt know, there is a lot of surprising, innovative music coming out of Norway. Along with Ulver's Blood Inside and Peccatum's Moribund People 2005 has brought some amazing new genre breaking music from former black metal artists. If you aren't listening to this stuff, then you lost! Even Norway's indie rock is good - http://www11.nrk.no/urort/

I have a new print on display at Tisch in the at the photography and imaging alumni exhibition. http://www.tisch.nyu.edu/object/Photo_ThePinUpShow

9th September 2005

1:57pm: Best thing I've ever seen
The Agassi v Blake quarterfinals at the US Open was the most amazing thing ever. Agassi came back after losing the first two sets to win it in a thrilling fifth set tiebreak. It was so nerveracking I almost died. Ashe stadium at night has such an electric atmosphere, 20,000 people on their feet throughout the match until 130 am, the most exciting event I've been part of. sure our seats were not the best, but at least close enough that I was able to help agassi out by taunting blake's unforced errors ;)

13th June 2005

4:32pm: BBQ Euphoria

Whole Hog, Mitchell's BBQ, Wilson, NC

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10th June 2005

8:54pm: Cue Continuum
NYC BBQ block party begins. with 16 hours left to go, they have started cooking.

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30th May 2005

10:41am: Astoria = ownz
suck fumes, BKLYN! (LA sucks ass fumes too)

14th February 2005

10:50pm: the West is the Best
Last week i went to LA for no reason

It was 34 degrees when i left NY, and 78 in LA

pretty sunsets, rooftop parking, and shiny buildings

Waiting for a shift in the air

I'm tempted to move to LA, but it felt damn good to be back in new york.

2nd January 2005

4:58pm: Not serving vampire fools in 2005
Kicking off the new year with a promise to not serve any vampire fools. T-shirt coming very soon.

Here is a better look at the design I created for the image. This was made in Maya with some compositing in photoshop.

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29th December 2004

11:04pm: Like the light of some star exploding
Back in New York for new year's after christmas in Fresno. I'm enjoying this warm december night from my rooftop in brooklyn.

and in case you havent heard, music is over. Arcturus won.

25th December 2004

10:22pm: merry merrrry christmas

I got down with santa at 7b last week.

Alas, poor santa. where be your merriment now?!?!

The view from my bus ride to work on a cold, rainy dec 23rd over the Williamsburg bridge.

Alien space landscape from the plane window flying into san francisco

17th December 2004

11:53pm: Late to work and 20 cream puffs
Every day this week I have missed my bus to work, so I have to walk the extra block over to the train

the sad part is that my bus comes at 12:50 pm and gets me to work at 12:57, but I cant get out of the house by 12:41 to make it to the bus in time. I walk over to the train and every day this week it came within 5 minutes. No matter how hard I try I cant be late to work.

Work was hard today. I announced that I was heading over to Beard Papa's, and ended up buying 20 CREAM PUFFS. They gave me a free tshirt since i bought so many!

13th December 2004

12:54am: Let me tell you about Festive

Technopriest is all about Christmas spririt, this party on saturday night was fierce

We drank so much that even I had a good time.

look at yourself, andy, and your christmas fucking shenanigans.

9th December 2004

11:11pm: What I did at work today
Since it was Thursday we had to celebrate and buy a pie for dinner. The girls at Sugar sweet sunshine made us their fantastic apple and oats crisp, and we topped it off with some fancypants french organic vanilla ice cream that i bought from dean and deluca earlier today.

It only took four of our pastry enthusiasts to demolish this, and afterwards the lethargy hit me like a piano dropped on the head.

working is hard.
2:45am: It all went down
I had a lot of fun looking awesome at our 1920's casino office christmas party. thanks to ando228 for the red velvet blazer.

Earlier tonight i put together my new cpu and motherboard, and so I'm filled with power. Here is what it looks like in the center of the world.

7th December 2004

6:19pm: Christmas shopping
I woke up early this morning get some christmas shopping done, and it went really well. I bought some gifts for family members and stuff, and then spent $400 on myself. i got this:

Finally, after graduating as a photography major and everything, I own a digital camera. I might even start using my livejournal to post real content.

10th November 2004

3:08am: woah mama
I just saw weird science, and so I stuck a bunch of shit into my 5inch floppy drive and then babes came out of my fax machine.

28th September 2004

12:41am: Unemployment saga: history
I am now with

14th September 2004

12:35pm: If I were a superhero, I would be Iron Man
Iron Man knows how to relax. On Sundays he lounges around the study wearing his robot armor with his feet up, just reading the paper. He doesn't mind getting up to fight a bad guy because Jarvis will have brewed some hot tea by the time he gets back.

13th September 2004

3:28pm: Unemployment Saga Week 2
Today is the beginning of my second week of not having a job! I held onto some sanity, and even some money. Not having a tv to watch the US open, NFL kickoff, and Fresno state's whomping college football victory was absolutely maddening. I spent a day at the open last week which was actually pretty boring and very hot. The six feet under finale was surprising and conclusive, I loved the episode. I tried out some new eats in williamsburg and found an awesome secret spot for sitting on the water facing manhattan.

I finished my new carball level for unreal tournament called cattle-ranch, but it still needs some more flying cows.

I also started reading some of my comic book collection and learned a lot about the early 80's. what a different world it was back then!

Gorn and his wife went out to dinner. Gorn's thoughts are elsewhere...

Gorn bitch-slaps his wife because he's a warrior.

Even warrior's have a soft side.

and in the avenger's bedroom...

Superheros are hard to please.

5th September 2004

6:22pm: here comes september
I just finished work on a commercial production. It's nice being able to go to bed before sunrise once again, this last week i was working every day till 10am and going back at 3pm. I'm now officially in-between jobs. I plan on spending this time exploring brooklyn, creating new maps for Unreal Tournament, and maybe looking for new work. Here are some screens from my project. I did level assembly, car shading, and lighting on these environments.

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17th August 2004

12:00pm: What i did this weekend
my Emergency Rooftop bbq roof party was cancelled because of rain - and good thing because on sunday they were filming some rap video on my roof, it was a huge production with like 70 people. but instead, i did this:


4th August 2004

4:45pm: My new apartment
Here is a taste of my roof. BBQ Party soon to come.

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